Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Closet Diaries

In honour of my bro's birthday, I decided to write about going through my closet the other night. He's probably going to be pret-tay, pret-tay pumped about this post. Actually, I'm pretty sure he's sitting at his desk, drinking the dark beer I bought him out of a coffee mug because my mom baked cupcakes for my Dad to bring into the office today. 

Anyways, getting back to the other night...there's nothing quite like trying on clothes in a sweltering apartment. It was the perfect excuse to point my fan directly on me and play Bey for an hour or so. 
Okay, it was two. And it was Mariah.

This ended up being a GREAT idea because I actually came across some clothes I haven't worn yet this year and even forgot I had!
Top: Aritzia

Ladies...Gents...what do you think of the tuck-in on me? I'm still trying to embrace the idea, but I DO like this look. I've had this top for three years and have maybe worn it twice. Un-tucked both times.

Top: BR

 I LOVE this top, but it was starting to get a little snug around the mid-section (of course, I now blame my Crohn's bloat...it had NOTHING to do with desserts) so I shied away from sporting it. The lace overlay is so pretty and delicate AND it can be paired with dressy pants or jeans. There's also a full zipper up the back. Soooo....sex appeal.

Dress: Old Navy

 This one might turn into a separate textsult with C-Mah. The top part of the dress is a little baggy, no?
Notice how I've put on wedges at this point? Things were starting to get REAL on stage. 

 Dress: Mango

I bought this dress in the usual manner -- after indulging in two glasses of sparkling on a rooftop in Monaco. THEN I kind of shrunk it when I got home. I was actually really sad and probably drank more sparkling to console myself. And THAT'S the Circle of Life, my friends.
I think I can start wearing it again....if I don't sit down.

I suppose we can call this a Summer cleaning...you know, moving stuff around in my closet so I can justify some new sweaters and boots in a month or two...