Monday, 13 July 2015


I needed a weekend. 

I needed one so I could spend time with friends, with myself, with my family, with the great outdoors. 

The work week ended with Rosé Friday at the Vancouver Club to celebrate Ed's birthday. 
There were parasols.

We discussed the gun collection.


I enjoyed some Big Dry and thanked JCL for introducing me to it. 

The weekend weather was not great, but sometimes it's nicer to hike when it's a bit cooler out. Mount Seymour is a great trail....the view was less than stellar, unfortunately. Fog does that. The hike is on the list for another day when we can enjoy ALL of it.

I'll be heading up to Whistler for a couple of nights later this summer and I'd love some recommendations for hikes. I think I'll do Garibaldi, but if there's another (shorter) one I can do as well, I'd love to fit it in!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Grouse Grind: Things to Remember

1. Wear my headphones and blast the music. I don't need to hear the heavy panting of a guy behind me (Well, on the mountain, anyways. hahahahaha omg I hope I delete that before I post this)

2. Bring a t-shirt to throw on at the top. Even with the heat we've been getting lately, it's still cool when you're waiting around for the gondola. A case of nippleitis is the LAST thing I want up there. For those who aren't local, you have to take the gondola down. Otherwise, I'd TOTALLY take the trail....

3. Don't worry when a child passes you while RUNNING to the top. You TOTALLY could've done that at his age.

4. The backboard you see halfway up is not there to taunt you.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


~I tried the Clarisonic, but I think my skin is too sensitive for it. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the chocolate consumption these last 3 days.

~Watching my first Women's World Cup game. It was uh-mazing. I think the only other Canadian soccer I've watched was back in the early 90s when my parents took Rich and I to Swangard to see Canada vs. Honduras. I only remember that Honduras has the LONGEST. ANTHEM. EVER. 

~I quite enjoy the 3 ounce pour Fortes offers. The perfect taste when you have to go back to work.

~DATING. That is all.

~I'm headed to the Prairies next week! Can't wait to snuggle Dem Babies and have some much needed catch-up time.

~I did that balayage thing to my hair. Actually, David did it and I love it. I feel like it's the perfect amount of sun-kissed. 

~There have been moments when I feel down about things I cannot control. Sometimes I'll be having a moment and I'll get a Snap, text or email that makes me think, DON'T YOU KNOW NOW IS NOT THE TIME??? Do not let that deter you, friends. I just might not respond for a bit.

~My fridge is stocked with lovely rosé and whites for summer. Well, for the next week or so anyways.

~Totally obsessed with Snapchat (melwilliscroft -- add me!) In fact, I've been checking it before Instagram now. I follow some pretty spectacular people. Once in awhile I'll post one of my Snapchat vids on Insta and Facebook, but you really don't get the full effect. I mean, did you KNOW I was voted Most Likely to Have My Own Talk Show in elementary school?

~"Hiptser-approved Classic Rock" has been my Songza playlist of choice.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Going forward...

...I chopped a few inches from my mop. 
...I can't recall my Uber password and it's driving my NUTS. We don't even have it here in Van.
...I'm trying to figure out what luggage will work best for me.
...this will be a summer fav.
...there will be lots of daydreaming about being HERE.

...why don't I just post my Snaps to my blog and we'll call it a day?



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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Is this thing on?

Within three days last week, I received three different "are you going to update your blog soon?" inquiries. Sometimes it's difficult to justify the time because I use Twitter, Insta and Facebook and I think that people will just get sick of me (rightly so!).

I DO, however, like to actually use more than 140 characters from time to time. I just need to MAKE the time.

Without my blog, how many of you know that I am adding more Kondi HIIT classes into my life? That I am OBSESSED with Mario's vanilla bean gelato right now? Do you even realize that I own a selfie stick??? Think of all the communication that's missing between us.

A dear friend is moving to South Sudan (yes, you read that right) to pursue her dream job with the UN. Here's us NOT in South Sudan:

Montmartre 2012

I fear that she might not be readily available at all times on Gchat anymore, so I'm thinking if we BOTH blog, we won't be so out of touch with each other. Right, MK?

In other news, I finally saw Despicable Me (1 and 2). I loooooved them. I also loved the steak fajitas, wine and friendship that went along with them. Thanks TS and DT for hosting! I am still thinking about that guac....

Looking forward to: a visit with a Sasky friend next weekend, switching to my summer wardrobe, trip-planning, Springtime hikes, hanging pictures in my newish place, putting some greenery on my deck, the possibility of a Barca/Real Madrid Champions League final....

As I am typing, I am noticing dust on my teal side table and it's obviously driving me crazy because I'm Barb's daughter and we don't tolerate dust. I can't commit to daily updates, but I'm thinking I can take some time for myself once or twice a week and post something other than a many are missing my Luscious Libations? I have a couple of good news ones!