Monday, 23 February 2015


My Favourite Oscar looks are....

Cate in Maison Margiela...because I love black.

Rosamund in Givenchy Haute sexy.

Reese in Tom Ford...minimalist...and HER HAIR.

Jen in Versace...because I love texture right now.

Who were your favs??

Friday, 20 February 2015

San Diego Girls' Trip

C-Mah and I took a much-needed (for very different reasons) break down to California a couple of weeks ago. I was left in charge of destination and I chose San Diego because a) C-Mah had recently been to L.A./Santa Monica b) I wanted a beach c) I wanted sunshine.

We stayed at the Omni in the Gaslamp District -- I highly recommend both. The area is perfect for foodies and cocktail enthusiasts. And two women who will eat pretty much anything.

Thinking we would ride to Coronado Island, we rented city bikes but were told by a random that it was a bad idea (impossible! we never have bad ideas) so we stayed around the Trade & Convention Centre. I was quite satisfied with our 30 minutes of leisurely exercise.

We also checked out the abyss that is Nordstrom Rack, La Jolla and Pacific Beach. All very good decisions.

Where to Eat and Drink

I wasn't sure if I'd be into it because *gasp* it's a chain, but it's a scene and a great place to have sparkling bought for you.

We arrived later in the evening and, because they're into local and stuff, there were a couple of things on the menu we wanted that they didn't have but I would definitely go back and order a mimosa flight. Also, LIVE MUSIC!

George's (La Jolla)

First, I loved the little town of La Jolla. 

George's is 3 or 4 levels, but it's all about that terrace. Wow, definitely a great spot to sip cocktails and people-watch.

A popular bar with a quiet lounge downstairs. We had fun in both spots.

So much fun (especially when you're not paying). I do believe C-Mah was kindly asked to leave the stage at one point....

There's also Altitude at the top of the Marriott which we both agreed would be cool to have a drink while watching the sun set. We had a drink while watching Carey Hart.

Baja Beach Cafe

A great spot to sit in the sun and watch people go by on the boardwalk. The food was perfect for "low-functioning" Cherie and Mel.

There wasn't anything I disliked about San Diego: it's clean, has a FRIENDLY service industry and easy to get around. Plus, sunshine! Overall, I highly recommend.

Friday, 30 January 2015


~I'm in the market for a comfy, not-too-bulky chair and I came across this. I would NEVER commit to something so bold, but how fab would this look up against all my grey and white?

~Currently OBSESSED with Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay scent. Never would I ever think that I'd lust over Bay (maybe Bey), but this makes me want to sniff my wrists all day. Too bad I only have the sample that I got when I bought my diffuser...

~I changed my mind about where I want to go on my Big Girl Trip (not to be confused with Eat, Pray, Love). Dreaming of sipping Prosecco, catching a Serie A game and taking leisurely strolls through piazzas....


Grandma: "Andie, Daddy will be home soon and, if you aren't in bed, he might not ask me to baby-sit anymore."

Andie (thinking for a minute): "Will Granddad still be able to baby-sit?" 
Nothing seems to faze this girl.

~I move in 2 weeks! Come help me pack all 200 of my glasses! I can offer you wine!

~C-Mah and I leave for our girls' trip in less than a week. I am incredibly impressed I have refrained from starting packing already. Mentally, I know every outfit change, of course.

~Finally, this made my bus ride into work:


Monday, 19 January 2015

Counting down to...

...some fun in the sun 

...the big move
...season premier of House of Cards a dear friend 
...longer days
...setting up house
...bright nail polish
...the Oscars business ventures
...a new 'hood
...using my selfie stick

Friday, 16 January 2015

Take a Break

Current Affairs
Gilles de Kerchove, the European Union’s counter-terrorism co-ordinator, has said Belgium produces more foreign fighters for Syria per head than any other EU country – around 300 so far from a country of 11 million. 

The Belgian connections to extremism

The Crime Lab
"The crooked policeman's double life as a gangster was unveiled as a result of his decision to drive the Ferrari to Kings Heath police station."
Protip for bent officers: don't drive to your day job in $250,000 cars.

Celebrity Endorsement
DiCaprio and De Niro reportedly got $13 million each to square off in new Martin Scorsese–directed commercials.
Did Manila Bay get its money’s worth?

What not to do when you are envious
Kathy Rowe, 53, turned Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter's life into an utter living hell after they bought a house she saw as her "dream home." Rowe targeted the couple with a series of increasingly disturbing pranks, starting with signing them up for dumb magazine subscriptions and then escalating to the absolutely horrifying. ABC reported Rowe signed Ruhter up for a series of Craigslist ads for sex, telling men they should push their way into the home and then gave out the address.
WTF is wrong with people?!